The Scale by Alix de Bretagne - Readymade, 2019
The Stuff Of Nightmares

The Scale

(Readymade, 2019)

The Stuff Of Nightmares


Whether it shocks you, disgusts you or if it makes you laugh, this readymade is certainly thought provoking. It’s reflective on several mental health ailments, such as body dysmorphia, which the artist themselves struggles with.


The idea behind The Scale is to encourage people to discuss sincerely their own struggle with the way they see their body and respective size. It also aims to send a clear message: Thinking that you’re fat, regardless if you are overweight or not, is a serious mental health challenge.

“Whether you relate to it or not very much depends on how sincere you’re willing to be with yourself. I think that everyone can relate to it, to whichever extent they may do – that’s not relevant. I am keen to change the status quo: why do we think this is acceptable and why do we turn a blind eye to this struggle? Surely, it’s important for all to stand against not just bullying but the elements in our society that define the human body as being only one thing.”  Alix de Bretagne

The Stuff Of Nightmares

How to buy


This art piece is available for purchase in two formats: The readymade concept certificate (unique) and readymade copies by the artist (limited to twenty).