Alix de Bretagne - SOLACE
Solace - Alix de Bretagne, Readymade, 2020. Artist's Impression

DISCLAIMER: The image above is an artistic digital rendition of the art show. It is not a real photograph. To date, The SOLACE Art Show is yet to be put on display for the first time. 

“This art installation gives you/us the opportunity to obtain solace and says: Now you can be free, let me suffer all for you and liberate you from your pain. It’s such a great thing to offer someone: closure.”

Alix de Bretagne


Readymade, Art Show (2020)


In the centre of a dark room a body lies upon a table. A crisp, white sheet, envelops that body, leaving only a semblance of the figure beneath. The artist invites you to enter this room alone, to grieve and release whatever pain you find shrouded within yourself.


Solace is a readymade which remedies the lack of rituals which acknowledge and help process death in modern, western society. The recent pandemic has amplified this deficit, as many mourn loved ones remotely via video screens. Solace offers the viewer a chance to recreate their own ceremony, to stand and face grief rather than dance around grief virtually.


More abstractly, Solace asks us to consider other forms of loss that may weigh silently on our psyche. Life is a constant cycle of death and rebirth, of losing or letting go of emotions, relationships or aspects of ourselves that no longer serve us. Perhaps beneath the shroud lies a version of your former self with which you have not made peace yet? Whatever you find in the dark, quiet room, Solace offers you the space and time to accept, reflect, and unshackle yourself of grief, to step out of the room into the light, free to begin again.


Written by art curator Alice Gee

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Due to the current the COVID 19 pandemic and the legal measures taken by the British Government, all 12 locations and previously established shows for both 2020 and 2021 have been cancelled. The artist and subsequent partners hope to be able to release new dates in the near future.