deBRETAGNE | Shock Red
Alix deBRETAGNE is a London based artist and Human Rights activist. Throughout the years, deBRETAGNE has taken an active part in society using the medium of art to promote equality, diversity and activism. Although inspired by renaissance art, deBRETAGNE is mostly a post modern impressionist working in painting, sculpture and small scale art installation.
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remembering all those we have lost to HIV this December

Shock Red - Alix deBretagne

deBretagne and Wandsworth Oasis have teamed up to commemorate the 30th World Aids Day on December 1 and fight the stigma around living with HIV.


Shock Red by deBretagne is a collection of up-cycled objects that have been carefully selected and adapted to fit perfectly within every household. By inviting this art into your humble abode, you will be directly affecting change by starting where it matters most: at home.


Artist, Alix deBretagne: “You might not think it, but we do have a problem: our stigma of HIV – it is a very destructive force that stops us from working together to eradicate this awful virus. As a HIV negative person, I think it falls on all of us to join the fight. You might think ‘this doesn’t affect me because ____’ but what if your sibling, your friend, your loved ones get it? Will it not affect you? I have great faith in the British people and in their ability to realise that this is a fight for us all, gay or straight, negative or positive. So come join me this December 1 to remember all those we’ve lost, our heroes, and fight the stigma around HIV – all life is worth the battle.”


The collection benefits charity in two ways, something we call a double donation: 1.Items get purchased in charity shops such as Cancer Research and The Trinity Hospice, and reconditioned. 2. At the collection’s point of sale, all profits go to the nominated charity, helping hundreds of thousands of people living with HIV every day. This way, this collection not only helps people living with HIV everyday but cancer and hospice patients as well.


Your contribution is vital not just to the fight against HIV but beyond – did you know you could reach that far and so many?


The artist will be present in the Wandsworth Oasis charity shop at the address below to sign all art at point of purchase from the 1st to the 8th of December.


Photo credit: Anna Udoh – please contact her via instagram.

Download the collection catalogue

visit us in store between the 1st and the 8th of december