Proudly Supporting Wandsworth Oasis as my official Charity – London, UK

Wandworth Oasis is very close to my heart. Their work ensures people living with HIV have access to support, counselling and a community to thrive in. Wandsworth Oasis also play a crucial role in the fight against HIV stigma.


As a person that doesn’t have to live with HIV, I want to educate others like myself about HIV and its impact on the LGBTQI+ community and beyond. It’s important to realise that although we are just around the corner from curing HIV, the stigma around this virus is so corrosive and insidious that it does more damage today than the virus itself.


I would encourage everyone to read more about them here.


Please help fight HIV STIGMA however you can.

Alix de Bretagne

Conceptual Artist, Art Director, Human Rights Activist, Queer, Non-Binary - I'm OK with all my labels. Through my art, I strive to explore my own struggles with anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and body dysmorphia. I'm also fighting the stigma around poor mental health and I strive to share knowledge from my own struggles.

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