The Stuff Of Nightmares


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As someone weight-conscious once noted: “Oh dear, this is my worst nightmare come to life”. Undoubtedly, you wouldn’t need to lead a life obsessing over every kg you weigh to get an uneasy feeling from de Bretagne’s scale. The artist expresses his own struggle with weight, body image and his own personal views on being “fat”. De Bretagne invites us to explore our own fears and insecurities through the medium of ready-made art, freely available for purchase in order to either explore, contemplate or torture yourself from the comfort of your own home.

“I can see how this is shocking, to create something so cruel. Yet, this is how I’ve felt for most of my adult life. There is no other way i could express it apart from replicating the feeling of getting on a scale that, regardless of your weight, it will always tell you that you’re fat” Alix de Bretagne, 2019




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