Dancing On Your Grave - deBRETAGNE
Alix deBRETAGNE is a London based artist and Human Rights activist. Throughout the years, deBRETAGNE has taken an active part in society using the medium of art to promote equality, diversity and activism. Although inspired by renaissance art, deBRETAGNE is mostly a post modern impressionist working in painting, sculpture and small scale art installation.
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Dancing On Your Grave


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The artist contemplates the state of mass production of food and more so that of chicken and eggs in the horrendous conditions we all know about. The question the artist asks is: will this eventually contribute to our demise? As the Raven and Skull concept symbolises death, this sculpture is being very specific with regard to what may possibly kill us all: the food we eat. The cock here is portrayed as the vengeful beast that celebrates mans self harm and holds man accountable for the unfair treatment of hens. The sculpture also acts as a protest against the way we treat other species in order to satisfy our excessive needs.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 50 cm