Alix de Bretagne - Memento Mori (Readymade, 2018)
Alix de Bretagne - Memento Mori (Readymade, 2018)

Memento Mori

(Readymade, 2018)

The Stuff Of Nightmares


The artist invites us to meditate on death and what it means to us. More so, through this readymade, de Bretagne perpetuates the practice of having skulls in your day-to-day space in order to keep in mind that death is only around the corner, and that life should be lived fully, every day.

“Death is not something to be feared. Even people who contemplate suicide (myself included) are afraid of death. It’s important to understand that when it comes to suicide, death presents itself not just as an option, but the only option to end pain and suffering. This feeling can be quite strong, although deceitful in its intent. What my readymade does is it forces us to realise that death is a natural component of life. There’s a lot more to be said about this concept; what is clear is the importance of realising that everything will end one day and it’s important to live fully now, in the present”

Alix de Bretagne - Memento Mori (Readymade, 2018)

How to buy


This art piece is available for purchase in two formats: The readymade concept certificate (unique) and readymade copies by the artist (limited to twenty).