Le Chat


Inspired by popular 19th/20th century French posters, Le chat is a piece that captures the melancholy of desire and the time except need for satire and sex. The suggestive play on words would have no distinctive impact on a native French speaker however, it’s desired english audience makes a good case for playful misinterpretation. As such, it’s not only the provocative silhouette of the cat that incites sex,  nor just her crystal eyes and lavish gold, but the text as well: “The cat who ate the COQ… the DIQ”.

The art piece was produced using the old method of french poster making know as “affiches”. The artwork master would hand draw and paint every element of the poster (implicitly, every poster) until the printing press made this process a lot easier.


72.4cm x 53.3cm x 2.5cm


Acrylic, gold paint and Swarovski crystals, on paper.


Canvas by Windsor & Newton, by Appointment to HRH The Prince of Wales Paint by Stuart R Stevenson Artist Materials, by Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen



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