Buy the art you love, fuck investment. - deBRETAGNE
Alix deBRETAGNE is a London based artist and Human Rights activist. Throughout the years, deBRETAGNE has taken an active part in society using the medium of art to promote equality, diversity and activism. Although inspired by renaissance art, deBRETAGNE is mostly a post modern impressionist working in painting, sculpture and small scale art installation.
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You may have seen many articles that discuss the potential in investing in art and especially in the high end market, looking at Picasso and Banksy – it is certainly a form of investment. Undeniably, that high end market can reap huge benefits and it can be a great way to hide/loose your money – in a sense, art can be a financial commodity.


But let’s forget about that for a moment; most art buyers would tell you they collect art for the love and admiration of the craft and not necessarily, but rather implicitly, because it may hold some financial value at random.

I support buying the art you love as I am a humanist. Many of us have to work very hard to make money and in this world of unstable markets, it really doesn’t make much of a difference if you come off £1K less or more in the end, considering we live for an average of 65 years now. In that sense, it’s important to consider living the life of a present hedonistic monster (like myself). Granted, I may be a Buddhist when it comes to things such as these but nonetheless when considering art the only question you should ask yourself is “does this bring me joy?” – to quote a popular Netflix series.

As an artist, I actively tell my audience to buy art if they really love it and discourage anyone from buying if their only goal is investment. That might be paradoxical from an economist perspective but I am in the business of sharing my ideas with the world, not service capitalist models. Granted, I’m not a capitalist either.

My experience tells me that an honest man travels slower but gets further. In that spirit, I invite you to be a daredevil and actually put yourself and your needs before any future investment that might or might not happen.

After all, we could be dead by tomorrow.


Alix de Bretagne

Alix de Bretagne FRSA is a London based conceptual artist, human rights activist and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. The artist takes inspiration from life and the affects thereof, taking the viewer on a journey through deep emotions and intimate imagination.

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