Depression feels and acts differently for all of us. Alas, we are all too familiar with the numbness it brings.

One important lesson I’ve learned is saying “no” to the things I don’t want in my life and to the things I don’t want to do. I think it is the cornerstone of healing from depression because we have to make time in our lives for the things we need in order to recover.

One thing I love is listening to people with shared experiences. In that spirit, allow me to introduce you to “Say No To Say Yes: Dr. Caryn Aviv at TEDxCrestmoorParkWomen”

Dr. Aviv’s 10 commitments are:
  1. I have more choices available to me than I think I do, including saying “NO”
  2. I will be truthful and authentic
  3. I will ask directly for what I want and need
  4. I will live without resentment
  5. I will honour my need for rest
  6. I will not apologise for saying “NO”
  7. I will not compromise my integrity in order to please others
  8. I will not say “YES” in ways that undermine my own power
  9. I will take my time if I feel ambivalent
  10. I will say “YES” ONLY when I really mean it


I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful life.

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