Alix de Bretagne

Queer conceptual artist from London.

His métier is the art of understanding. 

Exploring human experience, in particular mental health challenges.

The Stuff Of Nightmares 
A collection exploring mental health challenges.


The Scale (Readymade, 2019)

The Scale is a physical representation of body dysmorphia. As one art critic once noted: “Oh dear, this is my worst nightmare come to life”. Undoubtedly, you don’t need to struggle with your weight nor weight stigma to get an uneasy feeling from this readymade. In this piece, the artist expresses his own struggle with weight stigma, body image and his own personal views on being “fat”. De Bretagne invites us all to explore our own fears and insecurities.


H8 Ball (Readymade, 2020)


From The Stuff Of Nightmares Collection comes a piece conceived to highlight signs of depression – the thoughts we get in our mind when depressed – and the decisive action required to overcome them. 

The readymade offers a glimpse inside the head of someone struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. It offers a perspective into the kind of thoughts our mind produces when we are struggling with these mental health challenges.

Alix de Bretagne - 8 Ball Art Piece - Conceptual Art

Can’t make it to a gallery? Who can these days. Now you can experience this readymade using your smartphone or computer browser. Click the button below and experience the H8 Ball (2020).