Gallery - deBRETAGNE
Alix deBRETAGNE is a London based artist and Human Rights activist. Throughout the years, deBRETAGNE has taken an active part in society using the medium of art to promote equality, diversity and activism. Although inspired by renaissance art, deBRETAGNE is mostly a post modern impressionist working in painting, sculpture and small scale art installation.
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Welcome to my gallery, I am very excited to have you here.


The gallery is an intimate space for me because it holds most of my work, from my humble beginning to the pieces you all love and cherish with me.


Please feel free to browse and get inspired, repulsed or shocked, about whatever you can feel, even nothingness. Sometimes, the best thing art can do is not touch us at all and thus allowing itself to be touched by its viewer.


Have a wonder-filled journey! A.d.B.

Early Work